Lab 7 Using Elastic IPs

Lab 7 Using Elastic IPs

Elastic IP address is a static IPV4 address design for the dynamic cloud computing. This is associated with AWS account. By using this you can mask the failure of an instance or software by rapidly the address to another instance in your account. This one is a public IPV4 address, which is reachable from the anywhere. In some case if you do not have a public IPV4 address at that time just use elastic IPV4 address with your instance to enable communication with the internet.

This lab Will cover following steps which is as bellow,

  1. Allocate New IP
  2. Associated Address to Instance
  3. Reassociation address to Instance
  4. check the IPs in browser


Step 1. To allocated New Elastic IP just go to the EC2 services in compute by click on Services on AWS console


In the left hand side of the EC2 side bar click on Elastic IPs,


After that just click on Allocate new Address,



After click on Allocate you can see a new Elastic IP, Just copy this IP


Step 2. After that process just select that IP and right click and select Associated Address, By using this Process you can able to combine this IP address to the Instance which is as bellow process,


In Associated Address page just select Instance by using Instance name or Network Interface, and also select Private IP address,


After completed that process just copy that Elastic IP address to the URL followed by the name of the application and not the server IP on the left of the page and also not about the URL IP,


Step 3. After complete first time just select a same Elastic IP address and again associate it,


In here just check that checkbox which is for Reassociation and click on associate,



After complete the process of associate, again just copy that same Elastic IP address in to the URL followed by the application name and not down the IP address for URL also for the left hand side on the top for server IP address,


Both time you can see a different IP address so we are able to run same application using two different IP address for the server.


In bellow video I explained about Elastic IP how is works and what is the purpose to use it.


Thank You.

At the end you know how to create a elastic IP which is use to solve a problem if you are getting ton reach over the internet by using this elastic IP address for that instance. So your instance would communicate outside with others using this IP address.

Budget Plan
You could not get charge if the elastic IP address will attach with instance always but if not then, $0.005 per additional Elastic IP address associated with a running instance per hour, $0.005 per Elastic IP address not associated with a running instance per hour, $0.10 per Elastic IP address remap for additional remaps over 100 per month.

To reduce the cost of the Elastic IP, if you are not using that IP then delete it. When ever you need some more supportive instance just add them to same elastic IP for use but once your requirement completed then remove that instance from the Elastic IP else the charges will continue on the base of how many times you use this IP and how many instance associated with it.


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