Lab 10 Configuring DNS with Route 53

Lab 10 Configuring DNS with Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a very highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web services. It is designed to give more reliability for the developer and business and also cost effective to route multiple users to the internet applications by converting name like instead of using IP address like that one use to connect each and every thing. By using Amazon route 53 user can request to connect which is running on Amazon EC2 instances, elastic load balancing, Amazon S3 buckets.

This lab Will cover following steps which is as bellow,

  1. Create Hosted Zone
  2. For that buy a domain from online and use that name to create host zone
  3. Save assign servers assign by Route 53
  4. Copy that server on the domain
  5. Changes in DNS setting
  6. Browse Application using Domain name



To get a FREE DOMAIN just click on me..

Step 1. Before Creating Host Zone just go to the provide website for free domain and create a new domain for the use of creating host zone.

To create a new free domain first register with proper credential and then apply a name of the domain and select any of them which is free,


Step 2. After getting a order conformation go to the Amazon Services console and click on Route 53 in Networking and content delivery section,


After that go with DNS management, because rest of them on is for traffic management which works for request flow, second is for monitoring one so it also not for us and last one is for buy a domain from here but we already have our domain,


After DNS management click on Create Hosted Zone,


In the right hand side provide a name of the domain which I created in the step first, and select public host zone in type section, and hit on create,


Step 3. After creating a zone just select that domain and see the available values for that domain, copy that in one temporary file.


After go tot he domain website and past that value in name servers option after select user custom option for the name server and save it.


Step 4. After all that process go tot the route 53 page and click on create record set, Do not change a name stay with a available prefix and type must be A- IPV4 address and alias stay with yes. Select DinoStoreLB in Alias Target and routing policy stay with simple and for Evaluate target health select No.

In here you can select a target which targer you can use for the application,


Step 5. After all this configuration just go to the local browser and type your domain name followed by the application name and take a look,

You can see the domain name must be same in every refresh but the IP of the server will be change for each time which is as bellow,



At the end you know how to provide our own domain in AWS cloud to access our application from cloud using own domain using DNS management.

Budget Plan

AWS charge for hosted zone per month like for first 25 host name add they will charge $0.50 per hosted zone per month after that if you want to add more than 25 then they will charge you additional $0.10 per hosted zone per month.

If you deleted that hosted zone within 12 hours they will not charge you and if you think you need more than 500 hosted zone you must contact to the AWS directly because up to 500 they will provide you.


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