Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at my scale. It is completely base on cloud database and also support both document and key-value store models. It is also good for many  applications and also services like IoT, ad tech, web,  gaming, mobile etc. You are able to create up to 256 tables in one account.


This lab Will cover following steps which is as bellow,

  1. Login in AWS using proper credential.
  2. Create an Amazon DynamoDB Table.
  3. Load Data into an Amazon DynamoDB table.
  4. Query Amazon DynamoDB.
  5. Delete an Amazon DynamoDB table.

Step 1: Login using appropriate credential for AWS

First of all you have to login in AWS to access the services,


Step 2: Creating an Amazon DynamoDB Table

First to creating Amazon DynamoDB, Click on services on the top on dashboard page of AWS, in database section there is the option DynamoDB, click on that option,

After that click you are on main page of DynamoDB, For next click on Create Table,


In this stage, you can give a name of a table and also give a primary key for the table also click on add sort key to add next attribute and we can change the attribute value using that drop down list like string, numbers etc and then click create.


Step 3: Adding and Modifying Table Data

In this step first we are going to add data in music table and then edit existing data from this table, first click on create item,

In the next step we can see a new popup for the insert data in specified attribute, after inserting that values, to create a additional attribute or to add a new attribute just click on the plus sign and click on append and then click on save.

After repeating this process more two times or inserting data we are able to see a view of the content of table as bellow,


To modify an existing data from the table just click on the value which one we want to edit and change a value on the new shown popup and click on save,



Step 4: Querying the table

 By using query we can filter a content of the table very easily. Query using only the partition key and the sort key. For this music table just click on Items tab and then click on drop-down labeled scan and on the revealed panel, use drop-down to change scan to query and after that enter the artist name on the search text box and search the specific artist name,



Step 5: Deleting the table

To delete a specific table first just select that table and go to the action on the top we can see a option in the menue Delete Table, just hit on it and table will be delete.



Amazon DynamoDB is a very fast and also flexible NoSQL database service for all applications. The main point is it is support both document and key-value store models. It is use in many way like IoT, gaming and also web technology.


For DynamoDB they will charge what you use, there is no minimum fee. Customer get 25GB of free storage, for outgoing read and right capacity up to 25 and 2.5 million read request from DynamoDB streams for free. After that they will charge $0.285 per GB for month.


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